Saturday 26 April 2014

When it comes to weather….always listen to a local

Whilst Jon's bike was being serviced this morning at Tripps Harley Davidson here in Amarillo and mine was having a full valet clean, as always we got talking to some locals.

A common question naturally is "where you heading?"  It turns out there is a major wind storm coming in that will contain a lot of dust and sand from New Mexico.  The consistent advice was "you don't wanna be riding it that"  Being the sensible chaps that we are, we are now hole'd up in Amarillo until Monday.  The cool thing is the manager of the dealership allowed us to leave our bikes there to be garaged so as not to be affected by all the dust and dirt coming in on the 60mph winds.   The Finance Manager was even kind enough to give us a lift back to our hotel suggesting places we might want to visit tonight and tomorrow.  One such place is 'Guitars & Cadillacs' for some live country & western music and line dancing!

This weekend could be a blessing in disguise…we'll let "yawl" know

Now that's not what you call a great 'first impression' of the club.  The atmosphere was great though, the folks were kind and full of life on a Saturday night.  The customers aged from 18 years to 80 plus, mostly families and friends letting off steam and line dancing the night away.  The beer was the worst we had tasted in America so far!

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