Thursday 24 April 2014

The National Heritage Cowboy Museum - Oklahoma City

If you are of the era of Jon and I,  who grew up in the hey-day of cowboy films on TV and watching them at the 'Saturday Morning Pictures' you would have loved this place in Oklahoma City  - The National Heritage Cowboy Museum  The staff there could not have been more helpful to us.  That allowed us to park our bikes close to the entrance, which meant we could leave our luggage on the bike and not have to worry about it being stolen.  Inside they provided lockers for us to put our helmets and rucksacks in carrying all our critical items - such wonderful American service once again.  It was $12 entrance fee and worth every cent.  We signed their visitors book and off we went exploring the vast expanse.  The staff all appeared to be volunteers and reminder us of the 'National Trust' legions of volunteers back home who work just as hard.   We had lunch in their super restaurant and for just $11 we had a four course buffet, help yourself, eat as much as you want.  The food was excellent especially the 'Chilli' (highly recommended by one of the museum staff) and the we also enjoyed the dessert of fresh peach lattice tart laced with cinnamon.

The Grand Entrance to the museum

This sculpture by James Earle Fraser is very famous and is called "The End of The Trail" It stands within the lobby of the museum and must be 18 - 20 foot tall.

Levi Strauss Jeans.  These are from the 1850 - 1870 period.  He made them from a French cloth known as "serge de Nimes" which soon became know as 'Denim'

Winchester Rifle Collection.  We hope to find a shooting range where we can experience what shooting these basic rifles was like.  Still looking though.

Close up engraved Winchester Rifle.  You had to be "a man of means" to own a rifle like this.

My favourite painting "Gun Fight At The OK Corrall"  We will be going to Tombstone in Arizona and look forward to exploring the town where this lovely painting is set.

This painting was entitled "Protecting The Mail"

This painting was about 10' X 5' and entitled "Immigrants Heading West" My photo does not does not do it justice, it truly was spectacular

Wonderful sun-light colours in this oil painting. Native Americans out on a hunt.

I loved this painting - Everyone out in the frontier country had to learn how to shoot, both for food and protection.

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