Saturday, 19 April 2014

We've Got 'The Blues' Today……where else but Clarksdale

It's been great relaxing here in Clarksdale basking in wonderful sunshine and clear skies, but not too hot, just around 75 degrees today - perfect weather for cruising around the town on our Harley's in T-shirts.   

We have had time to do our laundry at the hotel and catch up with family and friends at home.  I just love iPads and FaceTime calls.  For just $2 we managed to wash and tumble dry our clothes - what great value.  Also we went to Walmart's and I bought a pair of Wrangler Jeans for £12 ($18) - you couldn't buy one 'leg' of a pair of Wranglers for that price in the UK! Jon thankfully bought a 'six-pack' of beer for us to share back at the hotel.

This is "The Crossroads," the location where the legend says blues musician Robert Johnson sold his soul to the Devil for the ability to play a mean guitar.

After visiting the 'Cross-roads' where US Highway 61 meets Highway 49 we made a visit to the Delta Blues Museum It's a great museum and a fitting tribute to all the great bluesman that came from this part of America and conquered the music world with their particular genre and style.

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