Monday, 21 April 2014

What an amazing day !!

This was truly an amazing day ! We started with a trip to Bumpus Harley Davidson in Memphis, to sort out a few small problems with our Harleys, nothing serious, just some bits that needed fixing. Well we could not have received a warmer welcome, nothing was a problem and the bikes were sorted out in no time.
We then headed off to Sun Studios, the birthplace of Rock and Roll in downtown Memphis.

We arrived 4 minutes before the next scheduled tour and were imediately immersed in Rock and Roll history.

The tour soon started and we were ushered up stairs to a gallery full of memorabilia from the many famous artists that had recorded at Sun Studios, BB King, Howling Wolf, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash, U2, Roy Orbison and of course Elvis Presley to name but a few !!

There was even the radio station desk that broadcast the first ever transmission of Elvis Presleys "Thats all right".

We were then taken downstairs to the studio where so many famous artists recorded their history making tracks. This was truly an incredible experience, the young lady (Cora) giving the tour knew absolutely every detail about the history of the studios and who had recorded what and when !! 
For anyone, who has an ounce of music running in their veins, this was and experience not to be missed. We stood in the very same spot, in the very same studio with all of the interior just as it was back in 1953 when Elvis started his recording career.

Sam Philipps was the man who started Sun Studios and was responsible for capturing the sounds of Beale Street by starting the Memphis Recording Service. This is where Elvis Presley spent more than a year, hanging around the studio before his break came……………….the rest is history !!!

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  1. Wow, very nice fellas, Howling Wolf & BB King did kick it all off

    Amazing to be there.. you guys have gotta' get "in character" a bit more though - singing into the mike! ..but I guess there's a bunch of strangers looking at you :P

    And I'm just jealous of course :D