Sunday 20 April 2014

Memphis, Beale Street…..Another Great Evening

The ride up from Clarksdale today was only 76 miles but it was but a real pleasure. Highway 61 is an almost a dead straight road going from point-to-point, but the sun was shining and the skies were blue, what more can two touring bikers ask for?  As we crossed the State line into Tennessee ( we have now riden through  Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana too) the road slowed and the heat went up.  At 50-70 mph you're nice and cool on the bike, but at 25-35mph 85 degrees of heat isn't much fun!   Luckily our hotel is on the Western side of the city, just 2 miles from Graceland so we only had to endure the sauna like conditions for about 5 miles.  

Once at the hotel, and the ritual of unpacking the bikes completed it was time to grab a taxi and venture into downtown Memphis and in particular 'Beale Street'.  Beale Street is the Memphis answer to Bourbon Street in New Orleans, but on steroids!  It is much bigger, just as busy with every bar and restaurant featuring live bands to enjoy.  Unlike Bourbon Street there was a huge police presence everywhere, which was both worrying and comforting.  In addition to mounted police on horseback there were police cars and policemen and police women standing on every corner.  We took the time to talk to one police officer to ask if all the police volume was normal for a Sunday night.  He spent plenty of time chatting with, very friendly and explained it was, and that's how they keep it safe for everyone to enjoy which was fine we both of us.

Looking like they are ready to 'charge' or just enjoying the setting sun.

'School-boy' humour we know, but we thought it was funny!  Not sure what they cook in there!

Eventually we found ourselves here. What a great venue, and a great band we watched during dinner.  I'm biased being a amateur drummer myself, but the drummer was absolutely amazing.  Such technique, such groove, such finesse.  They did a perfect rendition of 'Purple Rain' by Prince which I thought was better than the original.

A little out of focus this one.  Oops! Must have been the beer, but you get a feel for Beale Street starting to come alive.

Purple Rain……Purple Rain….

Early evening shot, Beale Street starting to fill up.


  1. Wow, so many people. It looks like you two had a great time.

  2. Ah, Beale Street. Thanks for the memories. I hope you had piles of pulled pork and ribs. I know I had... and spent two days in a meat coma (that was before I went vegan...).

    1. We know the feeling SonjaM - our weakness is hot spicy wings. I think we are getting addicted to them!