Sunday 13 April 2014

Hotel 'free-style' for the first time!

Being the sort of organised chap that I am, one thing I was a little anxious about when planning this adventure was not having our hotels pre-booked.  In other words waking up most days having no idea where you are going to sleep that night!  Yesterday we did just that for the first time.  I felt pretty proud of myself on the ride all day not worrying about it until it came to around 6:30pm and we pulled into our first 'un-booked' hotel a Best Western for the night - you've guessed it….. there were NO ROOMS!    No worries just a few more miles up the road we got a room at a 'Days Inn Motel' near Crystal River on highway US19.  It was, shall we say, practical but for $38 each per night, approximately £23 in old money, coming well within our daily budget there were no complaints from the Blighty-Boys.  Next door was a bar and a 'Denny's American Restaurant' where we feasted on chicken caesar salad, washed down with ice-cold unsweetened tea for dinner after we had seriously quenched our thirst on two ice cold beers in the dark and smoky dive of drinking den right next door to the hotel.  Life on the road eh, better get used to it!


  1. Loving the blog you guys - & that motel is "definitely without frills" :)
    Tell Jon that Tommy's fine - had his first drink in 50 years the other day - I read up that they like a drink of water now & again, so put a saucer in his run & he got in it & drank it too, lol

  2. You fill the 'no rooms available' speech a few times on your journey I am sure, but you may be pleasantly surprised where you end up too.

  3. Do you think that's because we are on bikes Trobairitz? We use to suffer from this back in the 80's in the UK.