Monday, 21 April 2014

Repairs needed, time to pull into another Harley Davidson global "Embassy"

The only passport needed is a Harley.  No matter where we have travelled Harley dealerships are a place of relaxation, excitement and when in real need of something serious, a place of assistance and protective sanctuary. One such place is Bumpus in Memphis We pulled in there this morning to get a replacement rear shock absorber for my bike which had been damaged in air-transit from London and after 2,500 miles I needed to get it sorted out.  Jon also needed several small repairs to his bike, including repairing his odometer and trip meter switch which had broken and fallen off in New Orleans.  These guys could not have been more helpful.  We had no appointment slot for their Service Department but because we were travelling through (and no doubt being from dear old 'Blighty') they insisted they would fix us up, no problem.  What wonderful service.  We weren't worried about how long it took, they had free coffee and free pop-corn on offer and a showroom floor as big as a rugby pitch, full of wonderful Harley goodies - oh dear we had been let loose in our kind of 'sweet shop' its was going to be expensive!   We had time to kill and spent it talking to the floor staff and other customers that came in.  Many were so generous and kind with their time, giving us tips and guidance about travelling across America on a Harley and suggesting many great places and roads we should ride on our planned routes.  Chatting with a local customer, who was a retired fireman, and fellow Electra-Glide owner he asked about our planned route, which included 'Yellowstone Park.'  He suggested, almost insisted, that we plan our ride through the park to take the South Exit and ride down to Jackson Hole taking in the Grand Teton Mountain Range and National Park.  He said we would not regret it.  Let's see.

Jon arriving in 'heaven' again!

There she goes "B1GD0GH0G" for her needed 'surgery'

This is the bike that started it all for me when I was just 8 years old.  The FLH.


  1. A visit in a HD shop is never disappointing, no matter where you are, and what you ride. Even non-Harley riders are welcome. At least that was my personal experience.