Friday 18 April 2014

Ground Zero Blues Club

When we were planning this trip one of the things we wanted to do most nights was see live music acts.  Both being avid Blues Music fans we specifically planned to visit certain places and cities to enjoy our passion.  Tonight we went to the 'Ground Zero Blues Club' in the centre of Clarksdale, Mississippi - check it out The club is co-owned by Morgan Freeman and Bill Luckett who we met tonight.

The 'Jook-Joint' entry sign 

In 'honour' of The Blighty-Boys visiting the club tonight Bill at the request of Morgan Freeman asked for our flag to be put up……how kind!

Tradition in the club dictates that you 'graffiti' everywhere there is a space (which there isn't anywhere left) including the ceiling.  You put your initials or name or some comment on the walls, skirting boards, ceiling, tables, bar, or even pool table light shades like this one.   I had obviously been there in a 'previous life'

The band tonight was from New Orleans, who clearly thought nothing of driving the 5 hours to get to the venue to play.  They were called 'Tyler Kinchen & The Right Pieces' which Jon thought was a cool name, being a builder himself!  They were a Jazz-Blues fusion style band, with a great brass section and drummer,

Tomorrow is laundry day, we might even clean the bikes.  Good night folks!


  1. Very nice indeed fellas.. looks like you had a great evening

    As Ronnie Barker used to say: It's goodnight from me & it's goodnight from him! :D

  2. Awesome JD! Luv & look 4ward to the daily updates!

  3. Nice!! So cool they raised the flag for you.