Monday 14 April 2014

Monday Mornings…Don't You Just Love'em

We continue our journey today towards New Orleans tracking the pan-handle of Florida's western coastline.  We plan to ride through the Apalachicola National Forest on Highway 98 heading for Pensacola.  This will give us a relatively short hop into New Orleans Tuesday morning arriving around lunch time.  Well that's the theory….

Heading out of Crystal River after a night in our first budget motel we made tracks along the North Sun-Coast Boulevard.  Still being in the State of Florida Jon decided to ride without a helmet enjoying the thrilling feeling of freedom.  The road reminded us of the many Boulevards we had ridden down during our bike tours in France with green fields either side of the road and the 'Poplar' trees lining our route.   Approximately 50 miles North of Crystal River we decided to pull in for some breakfast in small town called Chiefland and dinner set back some 300 yards from the main road.  The waitress after explaining about the local 'delicacy' of grits-n-gravy on the menu along with the usual American breakfast fare was fascinated to hear our story and where we were heading.  She just couldn't believe that such an exciting 'event' had come through her town - we almost felt like celebrity's.

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