Thursday 24 April 2014

In Search of "The Mother Road" - Route 66

We awoke in the small town of Okemah, just off the Interstate 40W to tremendous rain, lighting and thunder storms in the early hours of this morning.  We had pulled into the 'Days Inn Motel' the night before run by a very unhealthy looking Pakistani/Indian lady who coughed constantly whilst telling us about the continental breakfast would could help ourselves to this morning!  

Fortunately last night, after dinning at the Mexican restaurant across the street, we had decided to park our bikes right outside our motel rooms under the floor canopy of the upper floor.  Given the size of the hail stones landing on all the cars and pick-up trucks at around 5:30am it was a smart move, otherwise we could have been looking at two bikes come day-break with cracked plastic windscreens and chipped paintwork.

Today we were heading out to join Route 66.  We intended to pick it up in Oklahoma City right alongside the 'National Cowboy & Western Museum'   We took Interstate 40 just to get west quickly because the skies looked bleak and after all we were in 'tornado alley' and really did not fancy hitting the sort of weather we had seen earlier.

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