Tuesday 22 April 2014

Memphis to Little Rock….

Our journey to the West Coast formally started today after visiting Graceland (which I will post about separately) we turned our bikes towards California some 2000+ miles away.  Here is the route we rode, the fabulous Highway 64 West.  The sun was shining as we worked our way through the Memphis ring-road and within 20 minutes we were into open farmland with very little traffic.  It looked like most of the crop was rice with miles and miles of paddy fields.  Looking at the SatNav Compass pointing West on the bike it occurred to me that this will be the status now for the next three weeks, and that our reminder each day to look for somewhere to stay will be when the setting sun is blinding us as we cruise ever closer to the Pacific Ocean.

America does have some of the funniest named towns….!

We pulled into Little Rock around 4;30pm, the hometown of ex President Bill Clinton and his wife Hilary Clinton previously the Secretary of State.  The traffic coming in was a nightmare, very hot, very fast with a few car drivers oblivious to our presence.  Jon and I made it a point chatting over our first beer that from now on we will avoid coming into cities unless we really want to see something or we really have to, which means L.A. will be the next one!  After a great steak dinner at 'Sonny Williams Steak Room' and a bottle of California's finest 'cab-sav' in downtown Little Rock we retired to bed.  On the way down to the restaurant, which was a short but pleasant walk from the hotel we passed the global headquarters of a company called 'Axiom.'  One of my dearest friends who lives in New York City, and who eventually we will be celebrating the very end of this epic tour works for them and visits this office every month for meetings - small world eh!

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