Wednesday 23 April 2014

Ride to Fort Smith…..We Changed Our Mind

The are many joys of a road trip like this, one being just as you think you have worked out a route for the day a better idea one comes up.  This happened yesterday (see previous post).  Thankfully we decided to take this ride - 180 miles of incredible roads, long sweeping bends and even some tight ones that you sports bike riders would have loved.  We rode west out of Little Rock on Highway 70 which leads into Highway 270 and takes you through the 'Ouachita National Forest' We are still early into our adventure across America but we were both thinking how can the riding get any better than this!  It was just perfect, about 75 degrees, just riding in T-Shirts covered by blues skies with the occasional cluster of white fluffy clouds.

Our 'glorious' route

The Americans know how to picnic.  It seems every 'rest-stop' we pull into there is always provision to have a BBQ if you come prepared.  We must get to a grocery store and buy some charcoal and fresh steaks and make our selves some real road food at one of these stops along the way.


  1. So glad you found some beautiful sunshine. It looks as though the weather was perfect for a days ride.

  2. Was indeed Trobairitz, can it get even better than this? We are getting so spoilt, riding back in England is going to be a hard transition!

  3. Glad you discovered some of the beautiful roads of Northwest Arkansas. You could spend two weeks there and still not cover them all! The area is second only to the Blue Ridge Parkway in terms of mountains, trees, and streams all in one sensory blast.