Thursday 10 April 2014

Head Out On The Highway, Looking For Adventure

Our time in Orlando has come to an end.  It's been fabulous and such a relaxing way to adjust to the US time zone, collect the bikes and complete all our pre-ride checks.  Today we head out, taking our first long ride, some 400 miles south to the town of Key West. We'll be riding one of the greatest motorcycle roads in the world 'The Overseas Highway' cruising some 120 miles down the Florida Keys island to island.  We are hoping to capture some footage on our GoPro's as we ride, meanwhile here is a picture I pulled from the web to give you an idea.

Before we reach the Keys we ride east to Cape Canaveral, then turn south down the eastern coastline.  Here is the overview of our route to the southern most point in the continental USA.

Time to get those 'motors running……..'  See you on the road.

Before we left the UK we agreed a set of 'Life Saving Rules' for our journey.  Essentially they were rules that we have always abided by during our riding careers but in a sub-conscious way. Putting them to paper focussed our minds each day and as it turned they worked - we survived 13,000 miles of American roads.


  1. I am sure you will have an awesome first day on the road. Enjoy!

  2. John:

    SLOW DOWN ! It's only your 1st day. 400 miles !! aren't you going to stop at some beaches, look at some girls, ride up and down the strip at Fort Lauderdale ? Snap some photos and have a leisurely lunch somewhere.

    IMHO of course

    A weekend photographer
    Riding the Wet Coast

    1. Hi Bob, it was a great leisurely ride to Key West, we reckon we only averaged 38mph! But we wanted to get to down here for a few days. And wow! What a place. Great nightlife. The following rides over the coming few weeks are nowhere need as long.

  3. What an adventure! I would agree about stopping often. There will be lots of opportunities for high mileage days.