Wednesday 9 April 2014

Gentlemen 'Start Your Cell Phones' and other local Orlando attractions

We awoke this morning to the joyful thundering sound of the highway than runs next to our rooms coupled with the dulcet tones of the air conditioning - no lie for us then!  The good news is that it has stopped raining, the sun is out and the bikes are still here.  

Today we are off to 'Best-Buy' to purchase a US Cell Phone and take a cruise around the local area.  And what a deal we got on the phone!  $200 pre-paid for 3 months unlimited calls to landlines and cell phones anywhere in the USA and including the UK..... and unlimited internet data use! (fools we thought those people at T-Mobile) they had no idea of the costs we were going to run up using their network.  What a bargain.

The local Harley dealer was huge and sold everything including some nice pieces of artwork.

California.....where we is headin'

'Graceland' home of 'The King' which we would be rocking up to in a few weeks

After a hard morning shopping, a few refreshing cocktails at our favourite bar the 'Bahama Breeze' was in order.

What a lunch.....we arrived in the light, left in the dark! Just like the old times working back in the city in the computer sales business.

Time for bed....we have a long ride tomorrow.

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