Saturday 19 April 2014

Sound Check For Tonights Gig at the Ground Zero Blues Club

In a previous life  I use to be a drummer in a series of amateur rock bands over the last 25
years.  You know the sort of thing - weddings, major birthdays, corporate events, Bank Holidays pub nights etc.  What I would give to play this club, and a set list comprised of all the greatest Blues numbers you can think of.  Well here is Jon and I pretending, dreaming we're on the bill tonight!   

Tonight we decided to walk here and on the way we were accosted by a local who was clearly high on something more than just life!  We shall call him "Chicken-George" because he demanded that I buy him some southern fried chicken, from KFC of all places, in a rather threatening way. I told him I had no cash on me but he was much obliging and offered to escort me to an ATM to rectify the situation.  Summing up my highly developed Anglo-Saxon fluency I told him where to go......!!  And on we walked.

Ground Zero has it's own limo service, but for only discerning customers!  Both nights they were kind enough to give us a ride back to our hotel.  The driver was also Head of Security for the club and happened to be an ex-US Navy Seal, quite handy really.  On the second night we shared our ride back with some very drunk customers one of whom produced a 'pavement pizza!' at very notice and the driver was able to stop  in time so he could enjoy his 'liquid laugh!' all over the side-walk!  

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