Sunday 13 April 2014

Chasing Gators

Back home in the cold and dull British winters we like to watch travel documentaries especially those where motorbikes are the preferred method of transportation.  Once such series for the Travel Channel is produced and directed by a journalist called Henry Cole ('s+Greatest+Motorcycle+Rides&ID=1214#.U0upKcZrVG4) who did a series called 'The World's Greatest Motorcycle Rides.'  In one episode Henry travels throughout the deep south and stops here at 'Wooten's Air Boat Tours' (  Yesterday we did the same!   Thanks Henry for the recommendation we have such a laugh.

This gator was the first one we saw. He was just basking in the sunshine right in the marina where the Airboats are moored up.

This one was out on the Everglades and came right up to the boat probably looking for breakfast, something like fresh tourist!

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