Friday, 11 April 2014

Key West - 'Bucket List' Town

What a wonderful place Key West is.  We arrived late evening Thursday 10th April.  It's the perfect place for us Blighty-Boys.  It's full of many great bars with live bands playing every night, like 'Sloppy Joes' founded in 1933 (  There are Harley Davidson's rumbling everywhere, great seafood restaurants like 'Pinchers Crab Shack', cigar shops on almost every street, where many owners are actually making and rolling the cigars on premise.  The architecture is a blend of Spanish and Victorian style with some spectacular looking houses.  It's also the end of the road for Highway 1  which finishes here from it's starting point in the state of Maine some 2,369 miles North of Key West.

This is where we had dinner last night, I had delicious blackened spiced shrimps (we call them prawns in Britain) and Jon had Mahi Mahi and several ice-cold beers of course, draft Corona - not seen that before.

The end of one great highway…...

And the starting point tomorrow as we head back Northwest.

Red, White and Blue Mustangs - one very patriotic owner.

Beautiful privately owned Victorian era houses.

Also we found some enormous Banyan Vine trees…..

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  1. Sloppy Joe's, Southernmost Point, and cocktails at sunset, that and cockroaches in my bedroom are one of the unforgettable highlights of Key West. Thanks for the memories.