Friday 18 April 2014

The BB King Museum - Downtown Indianola

On the ride to Clarksdale we stopped by the BB King Museum in Indianola, which was about 60 miles south of our destination  We were so glad we did, both being BIG fans of the blues and of BB Kings music it was wonderful to see this very well designed museum dedicated to his life and music.  Some fantastic exhibits on display for a $12 entry fee you get an in-depth insight into his life from very hard and humble beginnings to becoming a international blues music icon.  BB King wasn't born in Indianola but it was the first town nearest to his rural birth place and it's where as a teenager he would busk and sing on the street corners at the weekend, making more money in two days than he did working on a farm all week long.

A reassuring sign!

The kind lady that took this photo worked for the museum.  She was fascinated with 'The Blighty-Boys' story  and our planned journey around America.  So much so she was going to call the local newspaper with it and say we came all the way from England to Indianola just because of the BB King museum!  Well we did kind of.

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