Monday 7 July 2014

After a week off relaxing in New York City - Blogging Commences Once More

Hi folks, just seven days ago 'The Blighty-Boys' rode into the Upper West Side of New York City On Sunday 29th June after a 25 mile cruise down from Nyack by the Hudson River, and a spectacular ride across the George Washington Bridge.  Here we are arriving at my friends apartment after 13,000 miles, 29 States and a collection of the most fantastic memories anyone would ever ask for in one lifetime - WOW!  What a ride.

We had taken a break from blogging whilst here New York re-uniting with family and friends but also because the hotel internet service is the worst we have experienced in all our travels!  Something we didn't expect in the 'capital city of the world.'  It is so intermittent that just one photograph takes 5-10 minutes to get loaded into Blogger…..!!  Arrrrrrh….very frustrating.

Anyhow once we are back to normal service we intend to close out the Blog with several final posts.  Stay tuned for the finale.