Thursday 24 April 2014

3000 Mile Marker

Although we have been in America  now for 17 days, we have only have been on the road for 14 days - just two weeks riding.  Today we hit the 3000 mile marker in a very small town called McCloud, just off Interstate 40 about 35 miles east of Oklahoma City.  We pulled into a petrol station to fill up with both fuel and coffee.  Here is our picture with "Malcolm The Mouse" once again defining our 1000 Mile Marker photo's.

Whilst at this fuel stop we asked about 'Tornado Alley' and were surprised to hear from the staff that we were still firmly in it! Jon asked what should we do in the event of seeing an tornado.  A fuel tanker driver explained we should firstly not try to out-run it, in case we ran into its path, secondly we should not try and hide underneath the bridges of the Interstate 40 "we would get sucked right out by it, including the bikes!"  He best advice was if caught out in the open was to find a shallow ditch and lie face down in it.  Jon asked "what about the bikes?"  He replied......."You leave them!  They are replaceable!"   It was profound, but the stark truth of living in this part of America.

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