Saturday 12 April 2014

From Key West To Naples

We thought the ride today from the Key West tropical 'Caribbean' climate to the farmlands of south Florida and on through the Everglades up to Naples was the greatest motorcycle ride we have ever done in all our years of riding (so far….!).  I wonder how many times we will say that on this adventure, but the bar was set high yesterday for sure

Leaving our hotel…..looking very "Easy Rider"  don't you think?  Yes Mum we did ride without our helmets…!!!

We met a nice couple - Brian & Tasha at the Bahama Breeze Bar in Orlando who recommended this restaurant to us in Key Largo.  We pulled into the multi award winning "Hobo's Cafe" (  for lunch yesterday. It was absolutely fantastic including one of the best bottoms (a.k.a 'tush')  we'd ever seen on a waitress anywhere - we like America!  If you are ever down that way check it out especially the Key Lime pie. Thanks guys.

After lunch we continued the ride up to Naples, bypassing Miami's west side riding along Highway 41.  What a road, arrow straight.  I think we came across two bends in 60 miles! No good for you sports bike riders.   We rode through an American Indian Reservation of the 'Miccosukee' Tribe, although I think nowadays they are referred to as indigenous Americans 

We stopped for coffee and loved this sign, especially the comment about 'molesting' the alligators!   Eventually we cruised into Naples pulling into the 'La Quinta Inn' at around 5:30pm ready for several cooling Moretti Italian beers at the 'Olive Garden Restaurant' next door.


  1. I sure hope that beautiful sunshine stays with you for your trip.

    So many things to see.

    Watch out for the portions of American food or your riding gear won't fit by the time you get to California. :-) Of course you can blame that on the sunshine shrinking it.

  2. So true on the food front Trobairitz! The jeans are starting to get snug already! The trouble is there are so many good things to eat here.