Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Ride Into New Orleans

The ride into New Orleans was cold but spectacular.  We rode from Foley in Florida on US Highway 90-West through the three states of Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana.  Tracking across farmland, through coastal towns like Pascagoula, Ocean Springs and Biloxi. 

On the final approaches we came through the Bayou, wonderful long sweeping bends and these photo's below are typical of the many bridges in the Bayou we crossed.  It occurred to me riding along the Mississippi coastline looking out at the Gulf of Mexico that the next sea I'll view from the Harley will be the Pacific Ocean some 3000 miles away!

Staple 'road-food' staying off the carbs!  Just about every fuel station we stop at has beef jerky for sale.  I'm beginning to get addicted to it.  Jalapeño is my favourite but they sell peppered, teriyaki, BBQ'd etc. It's wonderfully tasty and it keeps my energy levels up and is far better for you (I think) than a Snickers Bar or a bag of crisps.

On the way towards our hotel in New Orleans we stopped for coffee at the main Harley dealer.  We are getting use to the size of these dealerships in America now and once again we were made to feel very welcomed.  Outside were a couple of fellow riders testing out their newly fitted sound system on one of their 'Road-Glides.'  The volume was like a nightclub PA  system and drowned out the majestic sounds of the exhaust and engine - why would you want to do this!?

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