Saturday 31 May 2014

Jackson, Wyoming - Another Great 'Cowboy' Town - Saturday 31st May

Coming out of the Teton mountain range on Highway 287 from Yellowstone National Park and Highway 26 South you arrive in Jackson.  Jackson is a main town in the Jackson Hole Valley of Teton County, Wyoming.  We had been recommended this town by a number of kind folk as far back when we were in Memphis visiting Bumpus Harley Davidson.  Also my old boss who lives in Montana and races his snow-mobiles there each winter had said we would "fricken love it!"  and he was so right.

Once again we met some really engaging people and had some great conversations. In one bar we met a lovely couple Bill and his wife from Rock Springs who refused to let us buy our own beers - so kind.   Bill's grandparents had immigrated to America from the UK many years ago so he enjoyed talking about Blighty.  They were a Harley biking couple too out for a few days cruising.  It was a very pleasant evening culminating is us enjoying an Elk dinner which surprisingly was really good.  I thought it  tasted like a blend of beef and duck and not at all like the venison we have back home.

Elk Antlers - make up these walkway tunnels into the town square

This was a fun bar.  The decor and furnishings were very western, which you would expect with a name like that….

Check out those bar stools.  They were great for practicing our posture ready for when we go on a horse-trail riding later on this road-trip

Meeting some of 'the locals' after dinner 

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