Thursday 1 May 2014

Tombstone….one last thing 'Boothill Graveyard'

Before we left Tombstone we pulled into the Boothill Graveyard.  What a fascinating cemetery.  It's about a mile out of the original old town, perched high up on the crest of a hill and it really is quite a beautiful, peaceful lasting resting place - which is just as well given the violent deaths most of the deceased suffered! 

When so called justice goes badly wrong….

Here are the graves of the three cowboys killed, some say murdered in the OK Corral gunfight...

Incredible to think that just only 132 years ago there were still the real dangers of the native Americans (as they are called now) attacking you in the town and hills of Tombstone.

Another violent episode played out in Tombstone

The quintessential Boothill Grave shots alongside Lester Moore's last resting place.

I've always thought gambling playing cards is a mugs game!  Clearly is was for Will De Loge.


  1. mm.. not many died of old age then :P

    Had to look up "Here Lies Lester Moore".. He worked for Wells Fargo, & died in a gunfight from an argument over a battered package being collected by Hank Dunstan, who also died in the same disagreement.. :/

    Thanks again for great pics John, the place is poignant for sure

    1. That's a cool piece of history you've checked into there Tony. Even back then those "Fed-Ex's" and "UPS's" of the day were creating shipping issues! Glad you liked the pics.