Sunday 18 May 2014

Today's Ride - Sunday 18th May

We are gradually making our way up the west coastline.  Today we are heading for Florence in Oregon which will be the 13 US State we have visited so far.   

We are planning to tour the Olympic Peninsula this week in addition, and especially for my wife, we will visit Forks, La Push Beach and Port Angeles in the State of Washington.  These real locations were the inspiration for the series books by Stephenie Meyer and the subsequent blockbuster films "The Twilight Saga" all about vampires and romance, and she is a ardent fan.


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  2. Welcome to Oregon ! Land of the "no-self-serve-gas-stations". I think it's the only state in the union with that ridiculous rule. Only in recent years have they allowed motorcyclists to maneuver the nozzle, but only after the attendant hands it over. You will have a beautiful ride along the coast ... hopefully not too wet.

    1. Thanks Glen for the welcome. Yes discovered the no self serve policy within 10 miles of riding into Oregon. They did let us do the filling though as you say after handing us the nozzle.

  3. Welcome to Oregon. Interesting I found this site today as you ride through my state. Wishing you smooth roads and great weather through your travels!

  4. Many thanks Capt.Sandor and welcome to our blog. Right now we are in Florence and it's foggy and raining :-(