Thursday 8 May 2014

Out with the L.A.P.D

I have a very dear friend of mine in New York City called Michael, who at the end of this tour we shall be celebrating in true NYC style with.  Mike kindly put us in touch with one of his close friends, a lovely chap called Wayne, who happens to live in Huntington Beach and is a 'cop' with the LAPD, but most importantly also a fellow Harley rider.  Wayne was incredibly generous with his time and took us on a tour of the surrounding area (in was a pleasure being in a car again!), and under strict instructions from Mike took us for cocktails at Gladstones on the PCH. Here are some of photo's the restaurant views - magnificent.  After drinks and the tour we ended up at the most unique pizza restaurant we have ever been to called "800 Degrees" - they make custom pizza's for you to order, as you stand in line and watch them create your very "pie" as they seemed to be called around here.  We had a great evening - and Wayne if you are reading this - thank you so much once again, you made our stay in Santa Monica that extra bit special.  


  1. Fun. Very neat that friends are able to hook you up with other friends across the country and give you an insiders view of things.

  2. John and John, You two cats were awesome to hang with. Stoked to know you wish I could have stayed out later and tipped some foamies with you. Its great that your both have the guts to hit the road like your doing. Stay safe and THANK YOU for your generosity ! Keep on keepin on ! Be safe ! Wayne

    1. Cheers Wayne - and you too, keep it the shinny side up! And if you fancy a party in NYC at the end of this tour talk to Bernie!