Tuesday 27 May 2014

A Bear, a real bear….enjoy the video

How lucky can 'The Blighty-Boys' get?  Since we have been on this adventure, which is now just over 7 weeks, we have wanted to see a bear in the wild.  It happened today on our ride from West Vancouver, heading east on Canadian Highway 3.    There was a chap that had pulled over in his car by the side of the road and we thought he was trying to flag us down, but in fact he was waiving his mobile phone!  And here's why.  Just amazing to see this wonderful animal in the wild for us Brits.

Just enjoying his breakfast at the side of the Highway.


  1. Great collection for you video index. Much better to see up on the hillside than between your handlebars. A local rider hit a bear a couple of weeks ago. I guess she's considered lucky in that only her hands were broken (both). The bear got away with a few scrapes.

  2. That bear looks like he was just finishing up the last tourist who got too close for that 'special' photo. :)