Tuesday 20 May 2014

In the words of Bon Jovi "we're half way there……livin' on a prayer…"

Just before we turn in for the night, thought it would be fun to show you where we have come from and what we still have left to ride before we eventually cruise our way back to New York City - some 7,400 + miles so far.  But look what we have yet to enjoy and experience.  Who know's who we will meet and what wonders we shall see.


  1. The Blighty Boys have definitely left their mark on America.

    1. Thanks Glen. After a short interlude into Canada we shall be back! Can't wait to see what other beautiful surprises the North and East has to offer.

  2. Amazing journey J&J! Congrats on reaching the 1/2 way mark!

  3. Cheers Michael. Standby we're heading your way soon. Best given your liver a rest before we arrive in the 'Big Apple!'