Friday 9 May 2014

Pacific Coast Highway - Blissfully Beautiful

As you know we have had a wonderful time riding to the West Coast from the East Coast, but this stage of the Blighty-Boys trans-American tour is going to be something very special to us.  Riding the entire western seaboard of the USA will be spectacular.   

After a leisurely morning at The Hotel California on Santa Monica beach front we set out up the "PCH."  Traffic was quite heavy getting out, but soon we found ourselves on the open and moving road with the Pacific Ocean as our constant partner to our left as we headed north to Santa Barbara.  The views and the smell of the sea were just wonderful.

Here is a short clip of what we were enjoying for several hours as we cruised along.  California is such a beautiful place and personally my favourite State having visited many, many times on business.  If I could live and work in America full time it would be so easy to choose California.

As you can see the vista's and colours were breathtaking.

After coffee, following a conversation with a local we found ourselves here are 'Neptunes Net' a famous local hangout for both bikers and surfers.

The restaurant and bar had clearly got its priorities right.

Looking good Jon - all you need now is a surf board and some 'Beach-Boys' music.

We could have sat here all day, but with so much to explore you gotta keep rolling down the road.

Reality Check!  A reminder that now we are in California we are directly on top of the San Andreas Fault line.

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  1. After being born and raised in California, I moved on to Alaska. Very different scenery and in many ways, absolutely beautiful.