Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Golden Gate Bridge, Blighty-Boys Realising A Dream - Videos & Photographs

What a joy it was today to ride our bikes across the Golden Gate Bridge - a dream come true.  San Francisco on a sunny day is truly a beautiful city.  The 2 videos below are un-edited, filmed with one of our GoPro's attached to a helmet.  Jon filming me as we headed north across the bridge and then me filming him as we headed back south across the bridge. 

The photographs were taken from the hills to the West of the bridge so as to get the city and 
the bridge in the shots.

"B1GD0GH0G" looking at home in the 'Frisco-Bay' - nice to ride without the luggage.

"Harley-Hobo LULU" basking in the 'City-by-the-Bay'

The infamous "Alcatraz Prison"


  1. Nice images again John, what I like is the helmet cam - for the sound of the bikes as much as anything else

    So the trip IS living up to your expectations isn't it :D

    Keep 'em coming

  2. nb. just ace shots of the motorbikes with SF across the bay.. tell Jon I'm thinking of his next painting, lol

  3. John:

    you sure are getting lovely weather. A couple of years ago we went up Hwy101 to Stinson Beach where they filmed "Beaches" (Bette Midler) and a bit farther up you get to Bolinas, an interesting place where the residents remove the highway signs so you can't find their town. You may wish to avoid that road (Hwy101) it is so twisty that you will get tired of having to lean into all the turns'

    A weekend photographer or Riding the Wet Coast

  4. Always nice to hear of dreams coming true. And such lovely west coast weather too. You lucked out.