Wednesday 21 May 2014

Corner to Corner - not just coast to coast

As the crow fly's as we say in England the distance between Key West - the southern most eastern tip of the USA and Neah Bay in Washington State - the most furthest north western tip in the contiguous United States of America is as you can see below  3,650 miles.

Well the 'Blighty-Boys' don't do things by halves do we?  We have ridden 7,563 miles to reach today Neah Bay (thanks to a tip off by 'Bob Scoot' one of our blog followers  - cheers Bob) to create these two photos - "corner to corner"

Here we are at the 'end of the road' on Highway 112 in Neah Bay, Washington State on Wednesday 21st May 2014 - It is where HWY 112 turns into gravel track - not to clever to ride on with a 500Kg Harley!

Remember this? Key West, the Southern most point in the USA on Saturday 12th April 2014.  What a ride we have had so far.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Glen. Now after our long weekend vacation in Vancouver BC we have just got to make it back to "The Big Apple" safe and sound.

  2. Always better to go the long way round.

    1. Can't disagree with that Canajun given the experience and sights we have seen so far - it's been amazing and we have still got the ride back to New York City to come. Life is good.

  3. Fantastic John - even the weather's the same :D

    Interesting how the climate & the profusion of trees have changed as you've headed north, further & further away form California where the sun certainly seemed to shine when you two were passing through :)

  4. It certainly is a beautiful part of America Tony. Even on a grey day the green of all the trees create some calming colours.