Saturday 24 May 2014

Leaving the USA…..for a "vacation" in Vancouver BC

Hi folks, apologies for being off the air for a few days but we are now enjoying a brief 'vacation' in West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  Jon has some close friends Ian & Carol that he has known since school-days that very kindly invited us to come and stay at their wonderful home.  

I have only ever been to Toronto on business prior to coming to this part of Canada. I have to say it is a stunningly beautiful city and has wonderful surrounding countryside and mountain vista's.  Just the journey getting here was full of great landscapes and seascapes.  It felt like a mini adventure travelling by Ferry from Port Angeles to Victoria on Vancouver Island and then a 65 mile ride north to Nanaimo and another ferry crossing to Horseshoe Bay arriving in West Vancouver late afternoon.   It certainly beat the option of riding to and around Seattle and then crossing into Canada at the most congested border point.  Versus our arrival into 'Canada' via the Port of Victoria which couldn't have been easier.  We rolled off the ferry presented our passports, answered three simple questions and we were in!  It must be because we're British and they have our Queen on their currency!!  First port of call was at "Bean Around The World" an artisan coffee shop strongly recommended to to us by Alan, another one of Jon's old school friends, for what was a stunning coffee.

Our route here on Thursday 22nd May.

We have always loved a ferry.  Sad we know but we associate them with many happy motorcycling holidays to Europe whether that is to France, Spain or Germany we regularly catch them from the south coast of England.

Early Thursday morning at the quayside in Port Angeles. Nearly time to go….the excitement is building can you see it in Jon's expression

We liked being able to tie down securely our own bikes and 'choc' them up.  Brittany Ferries or P&O Ferries would never let you do that back home. Something to do with European Health & Safety working laws!

The views as our boat slipped out of Port Angeles and mainland America

The waters between North Washington State and Vancouver Island were full of very large Jelly-Fish! Some were 3-4 feet in length.

The Olympic Mountains back in Washington 

Now that's a way to spend a Thursday afternoon or for that matter any sunny afternoon.

Coming into the port in Victoria BC

Views from the road as we travelled north towards Nanaimo on Vancouver Island

The Flag of British Columbia, now where have we seen that pattern before…mmmm..?

'Second' ferry of the day.  Life just gets better and better.  Time for an afternoon snooze as we enjoyed the 90 minute cruise over to West Vancouver.


  1. Welcome to Canada. I'm sure you'll love Vancouver - it's a fabulous city!

  2. Good times John :) The ferry shots remind me of the many trips across the Solent to the Isle of Wight I've made over the years ..scenery's a little different though :D

  3. Great choice .... trading the congestion and hazards of Interstate 5 through Seattle for the peaceful and scenic boat ride to Canada. I'm sure you guys are enjoying the relaxing break from the road, resting up for your trek across The Plains.

  4. The ferries option is a great idea to get to Vancouver. It probably takes a lot longer, but much more fun, plus with views like that, well, you made a terrific choice. In Europe some ferry companies (DFS?) now make you strap down your own bikes. Something to do with it being your responsibility if it goes wrong.

  5. Much better route than riding through Seattle and up.

    Enjoy your stay in BC.

  6. John:

    Welcome to Vancouver. We've had a visitor from CA on the weekend but I'm free now if you have a chance to meet up somewhere before you leave town. I was going to suggest coming into Victoria and then ferry over to West Vanc. Our Border lines are unbelievably long, especially on a long American Weekend.

    I notice you didn't "chalk" your bikes correctly. You are supposed to use your side stand and then block the other side of your bike so it doesn't "tip" over if the ferry bumps the dock

    It's supposed to clear up later today. Perhaps your friends will take you up to the Cypress Bowl lookout for a stunning view of Vancouver

    bob bobskoot (at) Yahoo (dot) Com

    Riding the Wet Coast