Sunday 4 May 2014

The Big One - "The Grand Canyon" Photo's & Video's

Nothing can prepare you for the sheer size and beauty of the Grand Canyon, one of the "Seven Natural Wonders of The World"  It is hard to believe there exist a "hole" in the earth that big, as Jon says you almost expect to see lava at the bottom.  It's an average of 10 miles wide and 6000 feet deep,  that's just over a mile down and over 270 miles long, all carved out by the Colorado river over a 40 million year period.  

More than 5 million people visit the canyon every year.  It gave me feelings of vertigo (which I don't suffer from) standing looking out over its vastness.   We viewed the canyon from the South Rim visitor centre off US-64.   Can you imagine what it was like for the first settlers in America to see it for the first time.  They were probably trail-blazers heading west and came across it and thought how we going to get across that!

We really wanted to pull the bikes on, but believe it or not there is a big queue for this photo spot.

The colours in the rock formations are beautiful with the reflection of  the sunshine 

They have done a great job of 'getting you in the action' with these viewing platforms dotted along the rim.

We watched these young brave (or stupid!) people climb out and down onto this ledge.  They must have had an awesome view from there.


  1. Beautiful photos. I've only been there in the summer when there seems to be a lot more haze. Enough so that you lose any sense of depth and it looks like a mural.

    1. Thanks Richard. It was awe inspiring to see it.

  2. WOW !!!! lovely post and such fantastic photographs. Now I understand the coming of 365 photos into being :-). I joined the project as I wanted to learn more about photos, moods and may be some techniques.