Wednesday 28 May 2014

Ian & Carol - Impeccable Hosts from 'West-Van'

On the 22nd May we headed up to West Vancouver for a different type of 'vacation' and a break from our exciting touring schedule.   Some of Jon's dearest school friends from the UK, who immigrated to Canada over 30 years ago had invited us to stay and to party with them for a long weekend.

What a wonderful time we had.  Such kind and generous people, is was easy to see why they had all remained great mates regardless of time and distance through the years.

Ian and Carol took time off work to host us and treat us to many of the great venues and delights of Vancouver and the surrounding countryside.   If you are reading this, thank you both so, so very much.   

How Sound 

Jon, Ian & Carol - old school-friends reunited once more

Check out the very 'analogue' fuel gauge on this Sportster tank outside a pub in Horseshoe Bay. 

Bowen Island and Vancouver Island Ferries go to work

View from Cypress Mountain over Vancouver

Another cruise ship leaving harbour probably bound for Alaska

Great pub in North Vancouver that has been open for 30 years and where Ian has been an almost daily customer for 30 years!  We saw a very cool sounding live blues band there called 'Blue-Voodoo' 

The 'Queens Cross Pub' where we had the absolute pleasure of seeing Vancouver's finest band - "Brickhouse"  it was just an awesome live performance in a perfect setting, with perfect company to match.  Thanks so much to Alan & Lois Evans for the treating us to the red-hot, sold-out tickets.

The real  "Groover from Vancouver"  Robbie and his band Brickhouse.

Jon and a 1959 Chevrolet 'El Camino' at the Garden Bay Hotel.  Keep your wallet in your pocket Jon we can't fit it on the bike.

Now that is a nice rear end! And we have seen a few on this tour

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