Tuesday 6 May 2014

Our Ride Today - Tuesday

After many days now of riding through deserts and arid terrains in sometimes intense heat we have decided to change our plans and skip Joshua Tree Park.  We are  cruising to San Bernadino and  we will base ourselves there tonight, do our laundry, hopefully catch a live band and then have only an 80 mile run into Santa Monica Wednesday morning.  

My bike is having its 15,000 mile service on Thursday morning and an assessor from my insurance company is coming down to the Harley dealer to work with them on agreeing the costs of the repairs following the incident at the gas station back in Benson (see earlier post).


  1. John:

    of course a good plan is . . . to not have a fixed plan. That is the beauty of being able to have the time to change your route anytime. Time to relax and refresh

    A weekend photographer or Riding the Wet Coast

  2. John, we met you earlier today at your Ludlow Arizona fuel stop. We were headed to the Los Angeles to begin our annual journey with Run For The Wall. It was indeed a pleasure to meet you, and we sincerely hope you have a safe and memorable journey. We are glad you chose our country to make this trip of a life time. Keep the shiney side up. Mike, Delores, Paul and Debbie from Texas.

    1. Hi Mike, sorry it's taken a while to respond. By now you will be well on your way to Washington. Stay safe, and it was a pleasure meeting you, albeit briefly. Cheers

  3. Something tells me your change of plans is a good thing. As beautiful as I've heard Joshua Tree Park is, it also has a reputation for more of that intense heat.

  4. Well, Trobairitz our ride certainly was different, we took the I10 to Barstow then headed for Great Bear Lake, the temp dropped to 34F and we rode through snow, hailstones and rain, but we won through and celebrated with a very large rum on arrival at our hotel in San Bernardino !!

  5. That should be Big Bear Lake !

  6. Hey J's not sure if you are still in San Bernadino - but if you are Jon don't forget to look up Barry M in the phone book. Sounds like a brilliant trip so far! Chomi

  7. Your back in my old stomping ground! I grew up down there but got fed up with all of the traffic, crowds and smog and left over 30 years ago. Have fun riding to Santa Monica (end of Route 66) but I wouldn't leave too early in the morning or you will be going with the flow of traffic into LA (bad).

  8. My favourite dessert is sticky toffee pudding!