Monday 12 May 2014

Frisco Bound…….

We left the relaxation and peacefulness of Carmel behind and headed for the excitement of San Francisco.  It's a city I have been too many many times in my working life, and also have had some extended weekends there too.  I love the place and the thought of riding my own Harley through its streets was really exciting.

Our route continued up California Highway 1 which was still producing some wonderful vistas for us although not as spectacular as the Big Sur region and the previous days riding.  We pulled into the 'Pigeon Point Lighthouse' for a quick break.

Pigeon Point Light Station or Pigeon Point Lighthouse was a lighthouse built in 1871 to guide ships on the Pacific coast of California. It is the tallest lighthouse on the West Coast of the United States, but sadly due to the progress in technology it was closed down in 1972.

We stopped for lunch in Half Moon Bay and went to restaurant called "Joanna's" which Jon had dined at many years ago, I think back in 2000 and was really impressed with it.  Sadly it had gone down hill big time.  The service was really appalling.  We now consider ourselves somewhat qualified on the standards of American restaurant service given all the places we have eaten at right across the country.  It was so bad we nearly walked out twice through being constantly ignored.  The food was average and it's the only place in 36 days on the road we decided not to leave a tip!!

Back on the bikes we headed for the "Frisco Bay" wanting to get into the city before the end of working day rush hour started.  The run in was surreal, riding past the San Francisco International Airport and not to be returning a hire car, or not to be riding in taxi was a strange feeling!

The ride down to the hotel from the freeway was hot but safe, and before long we were sipping on some ice cold beers with my nephew Stephen who was in town all the way from England on a business trip.  Soon afterwards we watched the sun disappear for the day over the most famous bridge in America.

Just a minutes walk from our hotel we were able to watch the setting sun over the Golden Gate Bridge - a fantastic moment and lifelong memory of our trip to this 'city by the bay'

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  1. Gorgeous sunset. A wonderful days indeed (except for the shoddy food and service of course)