Saturday 10 May 2014

San Simeon, Pacific Coast Highway 1 - just about the best 'Best Western Hotel' we have found so far

This stretch of the tour is short riding days anywhere from 80 miles to 120 miles and plenty of time to stop and take it all in.   As we cruised north at around 4:30pm we found this Best Western hotel right on the beach front here in San Simeon.   As they say it's all about location, location, location - and this certainly has it.  Not to expensive either just $180 per night for a twin room, that works out to be about £53 each, that's great value as far as we are concerned.   The wind here yesterday was really blowing a gale which apparently is completely normal for this stretch of the coast this time of year.  It was also quite cold around 65 degrees, again normal, but as you can see in the short (very windy sounding) clip below no brave souls were using the pool!

This is the beach from the hotel car park.  A kite-surfers paradise.

Deep breaths, drink it all in….just sheer natural beauty

The speed these guys get up to is quite amazing.  They must have incredible upper-body strength.

View from our room front door.  Wonderful fresh, healthy sea air, I fell asleep last night listening to the waves crashing onto the beach, very relaxing.

Looking back at the hotel from the beach edge.


  1. Sounds like a great Best Western to try out. But I sure wish $180.00 a night was "not bad" for my level of finances!

    1. That was for two people, so only $90 each, convert that into British pounds and you are looking at £53 per night each. A hotel like that in the UK would cost us about £200 per night, so we thought we had a real bargain.

  2. Hi Guys, If you are going up Big Sur on the PCH I would recommend the Ventana Inn for a spot of lunch...very relaxing , great location and not as pricey as it looks (unless you want to stay there and that's a different matter). Also if you are staying in Carmel would recommend the Colonial Terrace - right near the beach and a 15 minute walk into town and cheaper then your Best Western and incls breakfast. Chomi

  3. John:

    It's been many years since we have been to San Simeon. Are you taking in any tours of Hearst Castle ? Just wondering.

    Don't miss Big Sur, It was fogged in the last time we were there a couple of years ago. Marine mist which didn't burn off

    A weekend photographer or Riding the Wet Coast

  4. Hi Bob, we gave Hearst Castle a miss, not that keen on that type of thing. It's nature and natural structures that blow my mind. Big Sur, in fact the whole 110 miles we rode on the PCH was basking in sunshine, not a cloud in the sky, and no mist to be seen anywhere - we were truly blessed.