Thursday, 29 May 2014

Thursday 29th May - An Amazing Interstate I-90 East

As you know we are making our way to Yellowstone National Park which we shall be arriving at tomorrow lunchtime.  Today's ride was scheduled as a "working day" given the weather was looking very wet leaving Coeur d'Alene as we set out for Butte some 280 miles east.  We decided to take the Interstate I-90 East.   After some torrential downpours of rain, once again high up in the mountains (so that's why rivers always run down-hill…..!) I had to don the Blightyboys neoprene face mask/muzzle again to stop the torturous sleet and rain tattooing my face.

Eventually we rode out of the bad weather and into the "Big Skies" of Montana our 17th State visited.  I-90 is a stunning road with very little traffic on, including trucks.  The scenery was beautiful, and the sky was big indeed.  Our speed to was great.  We were able to ride at 75mph which was the speed limit, so 80mph really and on cruise control! Our progress to Butte was really productive but because of the warm sunshine, great views and super speed we didn't stop to take any pictures.  

Unfortunately on route for some reason Jon's bike sound system and CB intercom decided to just stop working completely.  Having no bike-to-bike CB is one thing, but having no music playing as you ride throughout this incredible country is  a terrible burden to endure.  Tomorrow we need to get it fixed at the local Harley dealer.  Jon can't  ride another 6000 miles or more with no tunes - that's just not cricket! 


  1. What! Pickety Witch.. or Chicory tip .. or Simon Dupree & the Big Sound..? ..or even Sam the Sham & the Pharoes?! way can he continue until it's fixed :D

  2. No music? Like biking used to be in the old days!

    1. Yes I remember them Walter - just me being the highway juke-box singing my head off, thankfully no one could hear me!