Friday 16 May 2014

Jon's Birthday Ride - Napa to Fort Bragg, via Bodega Bay

After a relaxing evening in the town of Napa and a fine Italian birthday dinner at Ristorante Allegeria enjoyed with some wonderful local Napa Valley Merlot we headed out back to the coast and a ride to Fort Bragg up California 1.  

After the searing in-land heat during our ride out to Yosemite National Park we were looking forward to feeling that Pacific sea breeze once more on our faces.   The road out of Napa to Bodega Bay on CA-121 S was blissful.  Riding through thousands of acres of vineyards is always easy on the eyes and reminded us of all the great trips we have made on our bikes down through France and Northern Spain and particularly through the Champagne region. 

A quick rest stop at Bodega Bay

Fuel stop at Stewarts Point.  The local custom this time was to leave your credit card with the cash desk assistant  whilst you filled up and then went back and pay - no pre-paying with cash.  As is nearly always the case kind people just come up and chat to us wherever we stop.  This time a group of motorcyclist out for a weeks ride up California from San Diego came over and introduced themselves and took this photo for us.

Another wonderful vista up Highway 1

They just keep coming…...

Could you ever imagine getting tired of these views…..

The further north we travelled the greener it became.  We were only 175 miles from the buzz of San Francisco and we were now immersed in stunning coastal countryside.

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