Monday 26 May 2014

The Cabin - what a treat. Ian & Carol's perfect gettaway.

On Sunday morning we went up to Ian & Carol's cabin on the Francis Peninsula.  It was a short drive to Horseshoe Bay to catch a ferry to Langdale and then a wonderful cruise up towards Pender Harbour through the towns of Gibsons, Roberts Creek, Sechelt and Madeira Park. We stopped off at The Garden Bay Hotel to see a blues band hosting a Sunday afternoon 'jam' session with other invited musicians such as 'Debbie Biscuit'

A lot of back breaking work has clearly gone into making this a perfect place for Ian and Carol's family and friends to come and party and relax in  

What a view where regularly you can see Bald Eagles, Sea Otters, large Salmon and out of the harbour even Killer Whales (Orca's)

Perfect spot to relax and enjoy the view of Pender Harbour

The neighbours are interesting.  These are the claw marks of a black bear that visits to eat all the apples.  Apparently he likes nothing more than climbing up and settling himself into the tree and working his way through all the ripened fruit.

"Beauty & The Beast"  Ian & Carol's cabin Pick-Up Truck along side their majestic Mercedes

Monday morning 'The cabin' - view from the harbour

The Blighty-Boys go for a different form of transport for a change.  It was so relaxing paddling along looking at all the wildlife and other cabins dotted around Pender Harbour. Not a bad start to our week.

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