Friday 16 May 2014

A evening in Fort Bragg

Our Friday riding ended in the afternoon at Fort Bragg at the Harbor Lite Lodge.  We had spoken to a old chap when fueling up the bikes earlier in the day and he recommended a sea food restaurant to us down in the small marina at Fort Bragg, so we pulled into the nearest motel.  We have found listening to local knowledge is never wrong and always has a pleasant outcome.

Here is the view from our room balcony.  You can see the restaurant called Silvers at the Wharf in the centre of the pic.

We watched the sun disappear from our dining table quaffing a 24oz ice cold locally brewed beer and enjoying fresh crab cakes and perfectly cooked calamari - a perfect end to a perfect days ride!

Here is the Harbor Lite Lodge looking back up the hill and the many steps we walked down to get to the restaurant.

We loved  this rowing club signage

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