Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Two Weeks Left….and much to do still, time to leave New Hope

Just two weeks today we will be touching down at London's Heathrow Airport.  But first there is much more fun to be had in this beautiful country and some interesting places we've got to go, ending with our party with family and friends in the one and only "Big Apple." 

Today we are heading down to York, Pennsylvania to the Harley Davidson Factory where they manufacture their 'CVO' (Custom Vehicle Operations) bikes.  Our own bikes were produced here.  Mine in 2011 and Jon's in 2012. (http://www.harley-davidson.com/content/h-d/en_US/home/events/factory-tours/yorkpa.html).  We are booked on the 'Steel Toe Tour' where we shall gain insight first hand into the entire bike bike production at the plant.  Unfortunately I don't think they allow photography on the shop floors, which we can understand.

We have enjoyed our brief stay here in New Hope, a very pretty historic old town on the banks on the Delaware River.  I even went for a swim in the pool at the hotel, the first time in 10 weeks finally using those shorts and goggles I've been lugging around America.

The only disappointing thing about New Hope is there was no provision that we could find to park our bikes (free of charge of course!) We ended up having to use a meter, two for one though.

Through the years this historic town has had its share of French influence.

Even those nasty "limeys" were still taking pot shots at the town back in December 1776 from across the Delaware River.  This was a stunning house, and very old by American standards.

The Delaware River.  New Jersey on one side and Pennsylvania on the other.  Operationally disruptive for us bikers.  Helmet law enforced in one, but not the other.  We saw a number of bikers remove their 'lids' once they had come across the bridge.

We treated ourselves to a fabulous lunch at the 'Logan Inn' established in 1727- fresh Calamari followed by an enormous Greek salad with enough grilled chicken breast on it to feed a family of four.


  1. John:

    I know how you must be feeling as your time is ending. That's a neat historic town.

    You are lucky to find a spot for two bikes. Here they are starting to charge for pay parking without marked spaces. There are NO lines painted on the roadway and they have a ticket dispenser where you purchase your ticket and then display it somewhere. Even though two bikes take less space than one car, each vehicle must display a valid ticket

    Riding the Wet Coast

    1. Thanks Bob, and for all your comments and company along the way. We're not done yet. Today we visited the HD York Plant and tomorrow I am really looking forward to spending a couple of days down in Gettysburg and learning all the details of the civil war. Then on to NYC at the weekend. As for the parking, back home we have come to expect the daily extortion, we were surprised and a little disappointed to find it happening in this part of America. Ride safe.

  2. The York plant tour was a pretty good. When I went through, we took my inlaws in wheelchairs. They accommodated them even though they had no way to move wheelchairs on the bus.

    And as Bob said, watch out for the parking police. It's all about generating revenue from the tourists....

    1. We did the York Plant Tour today (post on it's way) but as you say it was very good, and the folks that run it very helpful and knowledgeable about the entire end-to-end process of manufacturing an entire line of Harleys.

  3. Fascinating. Wish I was there.

    1. Thanks Glen. Worth a cruise there one day for the history.