Friday, 27 June 2014

"Ringo" (a.k.a 'Johnny Ringo') Joins Our Touring Gang

For those of you that have followed our blog from very early stages of this road-trip, you'll remember that we travelled with our faithful mascot "Malcom The Mouse."  

Malcom had 'served' alongside of us for many, many years all over the UK and Europe until  he decided to 'dessert' us in Oklahoma City. 

See below - we put out a "Wanted Poster" for him, but nobody came forward to claim the bounty, forget the $100 bucks, it was the Free Rum that we hoped would motivate them! 

Well that is all history now……Malcom The Mouse…..Who?  Never heard of him!  We have finally managed to "press-gang" a new recruit into joining the travelling circus that is "The Blighty-Boys"

Ladies & Gentlemen, Boys & Girls……we give you………. "Ringo"


  1. Hilarious! I see by the goggles Ringo is better equipped than Malcom was. All the better to have him ride up front so you can keep an eye on him.

  2. Thanks Glen - he's pretty cool eh? We found him in the Harley dealership in Gettysburg (Battlefield Harley Davidson).