Wednesday 4 June 2014

Cody…and 'Old Trail Town' and the 'Buffalo Bill Centre & Museum'

Coming out of the Yellowstone Park east exit on the afternoon of Sunday 1st June we stayed overnight at the 'Yellowstone Valley Inn' just off the North Fork Highway.  It was the first time we had stayed in what are called 'cabins' which are a very popular style of motel in these parts. They did the job and the location was very pleasant.

Morning has broken in east Yellowstone

We were on route to the town of Cody to see the Buffalo Bill Centre & Museum and to go and see a Rodeo whilst there.   The ride in was exciting and we felt very much in cowboy country as you can see.

The Buffalo Bill Reservoir.  See how low the water level has dropped on the rock line.

In Cody we stayed at the 'Cody Cowboy Village' owned by a Bill and his wife.  Bill use to be in the IT Business (like myself) and sold his own business just after 2000 for "a lot of money" and moved out to Cody from California to build his motel and "take life easy".  What a wonderful example he was, that anything is possible if you put your heart and energy into it (oh and money!).

The cabins were very plush, and the view from our one was most relaxing especially with a ice cool beer in hand!

Right next door to the Cody Cowboy Village was 'Old Trail Town.'  Old Trail Town is a collection of historic western buildings and artifacts, dating from 1879—1901.  They have been re-built all in one easy location, but they are all genuine buildings and original materials and exhibits brought together from across the State of Wyoming.  It is a step back in time experience to the days of some very famous Old West outlaws such as Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.  It was a great way to spend an afternoon especially if you are a cowboy fan.

Cody was a town founded by 'Buffalo' Bill Cody and others in 1896.  It is the home of the Buffalo Bill Centre Of The West  ( and an absolute must visit place to soak up the history of America and it's development in the late 1800's.  It houses five museums in one and a research library that tells the authentic story of the American West.

The great man himself


  1. Really interesting, nice pics as always John, ..& those famous names. The country is big & has a wide-open feel still :)

  2. Cheers Tony - yes very much big and open. Although come tomorrow we hit the industrial heart - Milwaukee and the start of all the major automotive industries including Harley Davidson of course.