Sunday, 29 June 2014

Is "The Big Apple" Ready for "The Blighty-Boys?"

It's 9:45pm on the eve of almost the official end to our 'TransAmerica 2014 Motorcycle Adventure.'  We still need to drop the bikes at the 'shippers' in a couple of days time.   

We are full of some incredible memories and very strong emotions this evening, some mixed up right now (possibly the effect of the beer and red wine, haven't started on the rum yet!).  However before we 'sign-off' there will still be a few more posts starting with our ride into Manhattan early tomorrow morning.  We plan to get up at 5:30am, leave at 6:15am and be cruising across the George Washington Bridge by 7am to meet my dear friend Michael for breakfast.

What a town…. I adore it!  For Jon it will be his first time in NYC.

Our new member of 'staff' "Ringo" has slipped very naturally into the role of the Blighty-Boys lead mascot.  Taking in the 'rays' as we departed Gettysburg this morning.

Nyack on a budget.  Our room tonight at the "Best Wifi" a.k.a Best Western before we enjoy the luxury of mid-town NYC.

Our morning ride hugging the Hudson river, just 25 miles before we become lost in the 'capital city of the world'


  1. sic. "capital city of the world"

    ..being a Brit from Old Blighty I couldn't help but look for this on the world wide web:

    May 19, 2014, 4:50am

    "How powerhouse London beat New York to become the best city in the world":

    London has, for the first time, claimed the top spot as a centre for business, finance and culture in Cities of Opportunity – PwC’s sixth annual index of 30 major cities internationally. The capital has edged ahead of New York since last year, with Singapore coming in third.

    Near, but no cigar :D

  2. Beautiful first picture. I still can't believe how far you two have ridden.

    Good on ya.

    1. If we could, we would go round all again Trobairitz and just maybe we might one fine day! It's been a fascinating life changing experience. The reality is starting to dawn that it's over, well nearly, as we enjoy the delights of New York City, and the Jersey Shore Coastline.