Monday, 23 June 2014

New Hope, PA - Holding Pattern

Yesterday's ride - Sunday 22nd June was a short one down from Newburgh to New Hope.  

My friend Michael who lives in Manhattan recommended the town to us.  As you know we had been in Newburgh to visit 'Orange County Choppers' and a really cool thing happened before we left.  As we were packing up our bikes in the hotel car park which is just opposite OCC HQ, who should we see ride in on a cool custom chopper but the big man himself - Paul Teutul Sr.  Obviously in need of some overtime work on a Sunday!  We didn't get time to say hi before he disappeared into the building.

Our ride

We are staying in hotel with a really nice swimming pool so after carrying my swimming shorts and goggles for 10 weeks I might just get to use them today for the first time!


  1. When is your shipment date?

  2. 1st July Richard - the thought of being bikeless is not good!