Friday, 6 June 2014

Ride from Cody to Deadwood

On Thursday 5th June we headed out of Cody for Deadwood in South Dakota, our 19th State visited to continue our 'cowboy quest.'  We took Highway 14 East and then picked up the Interstate 90 East.  Both roads were great to ride, but the 14 through the Big Horn National Forests was very special.  The weather conditions were perfect for riding, blues skies a few white fluffy clouds and about 75 degrees F.   The elevation rises to over 9000 feet so it did cool off for a bit (see the photographs below, still plenty of snow around).

The short video shows the view as you ride down out of the Big Horn Mountain Pass and out onto the eastern plains of Wyoming and the Black Hills.

Our route

Starting to get chilly up here at 9000 feet

The colour of the sky was wonderful

What a view, and we get to ride all the way down there and 200 miles further east to Deadwood just in time for dinner.


  1. Beautiful photos and the video as well. I thought that Deadwood was a pretty nice place. Lots of things to see.

  2. You're in some spectacular riding country there. I hope to get back some day but meantime your photos serve to remind me of just how beautiful that area is. Thanks for sharing.