Wednesday 4 June 2014

Cody Rodeo Night….them crazy cowboys!…Pic's & Video's

Our last night here in Cody so we went to the rodeo (  Cody is famous for them and they are on 7 nights a week from June 1st to the 31st August.  

If you have never been to a rodeo they are a spectacle to behold.  Those cowboys are either incredibly skilled athletes or crazy or as we thought both!  To see them ride very strong and angry horses and bulls and survive is most entertaining.  There weren't to many people out on a Wednesday night but it was still a great atmosphere.

Folks starting to arrive and settle into the watching sunset before the show.

The location of the rodeo stadium was on the east side of town and is very picturesque.  It was walking distance from our hotel 'The Cody Cowboy Village' (

We sat in this part of the stand, which has a cool name.  Here we could see the cowboys loading the horses and bulls into the 'Shoots' ready to be mounted.

What was a very nice touch was before the show began this lone-rider cowgirl circled the arena whilst the National Anthem was played and sung out load by the audience.

Cowgirls getting ready for their part of the show.

They certainly start them young.  Cowboys learn from an very early age to ride rodeo.  They practice on sheep and calfs before graduating to the real deal. This lad was about 12 years old and very good.  See the video below

This is what we came for.  It's quick but very exciting.

You have just got to be stark raving crazy to jump on an angry bull's back!  That said these cowboys are so very skilled and brave.  Great entertainment.

Young boy showing everyone how it should be done.  No doubt a big star of the rodeo circuit in the future. 

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