Monday, 16 June 2014

Niagara Falls - one very cool 'Fathers Day'

It was 'Fathers Day' today and what a way to celebrate with a ride up to Niagara Falls, only 21 miles from downtown Buffalo.  The falls are considered to be one of the seven natural  wonders of the world.  Another natural wonder of the world is the Grand Canyon so we have been privileged to see two of them on this epic adventure

Niagara Falls is an incredible waterfall system located on the border between Ontario, Canada and New York of the United States. Niagara Falls is comprised of three distinctive falls that include: Horseshoe Falls on the Canadian side and American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls on the American side. The Horseshoe Falls are 2,600 feet ( 792 m) wide with the American Falls measuring 1,060 feet (323 m) wide. The highest drop occurs on Horseshoe Falls at 173 feet (53 m).

The weather was perfect.  It seems we have always been blessed with wonderful weather each time we have visited a major destination on this tour.  This photo is taken on the American side with the 'American Falls' over my left shoulder and in the far distance are the 'Horseshoe Falls' spanning both the American and Canadian sides of the Falls.

Notice the plume of mist rising from the Horseshoe Falls in the far background.  You can see this 10 miles away from Niagara.

See the blue 'snake-line' down there on the path, that's people getting up close to the Falls.

The boat in the middle of this photo is one of the 'Maids of the Mist' heading up towards the Horseshoe Falls.  We took this boat-trip and it was the best $17 I have ever spent on anything - great value for money.

The photo above and the one below are the 'American Falls' on the American side, naturally.

Getting ready to board the 'Maid of the Mist'

Chugging past the 'American Falls.' The boats have incredibly powerful engines to deal with the force of the currents.

Close up experience of the 'American Falls' flowing almost over you.

More of the 'American Falls' above and below

Don't we look 'dapper' in our plastic rain-suits, but you do really need them.

Starting to head into the 'Horseshoe Falls.'  The noise was exciting and a little scary.

Just entering the 'Horseshoe Falls.' As you can see the camera is starting to get wet!

Can you see the building on the top which provides some perspective.

I love the colour of the very top of the water-line on this photo.  The noise was magnificent.

Here is some idea of what is was like being "in the mist"

We need not have showered this morning had we known this is how wet we were going to get.  I have never taken a "selfie" in conditions like this before.

This is Lake Ontario flowing into Lake Erie - the top of the 'American Falls' which can been view from the town of Niagara.

The air was wonderfully fresh and the sound of the fast flowing river as it approaches its drop-off was captivating. 

It was a great experience visiting Niagara Falls and I will certainly be coming back one day to see them with my wife, who would love them.


  1. They really are spectacular but next time you'll have to get the Canadian view.

    1. For sure Canajun - and there will be a next time. They are too beautiful to only visit once in a lifetime.

  2. Wow! You guys are on the move. Last I checked in you had just experienced a frosty morning at the Crazy Horse place. I had to race through the blog to catch up, envying your visit to the Harley museum and the best wings in Buffalo and now the roaring splendor of Niagara Falls. Great photos and videos. Definitely have to see those some day. Your trip is just about over. You could be crossing the finish line as we speak. I'm gonna miss you guys.

    1. Stick with us Glen, your company is most welcomed - we have a few weeks left here on the east coast and a very big party on the 4th July in NYC. Before then we have Orange County Choppers and the Harley Davidson York Factory tour - where our bikes we actually made. Stay tuned.

  3. Great pics John! I can't help saying though - those high-rise buildings in the background completely spoil the natural beauty of the falls for me :(

    Would be so much more special with just the one tall observation tower & not all the rest of the stuff ..ho hum

    So.. cruising down to Pennsylvania & Philadelphia now, & the last stretch of your big ride :D

    1. Thanks for your comments Tony as always - nothing a bit of Photoshop can't sort out. I shall have those buildings 'erased' in the final versions that go to print!

  4. Horseshoe Falls is obviously the main attraction when people come to visit Niagara Falls, but there are many other attractions that either give visitors a great view. I enjoyed this stunning scene last week when I went there through the niagara falls tour from boston with my friends. It was great place and worth a trip.