Saturday, 8 March 2014

Introducing 'The Blighty-Boys'

So here we are.  That's JD on the left and JG on the right.  

‘JD’ started riding dirt bikes in the deserts of western Iran at the age of ten whilst there with his ‘expat’ family, by which time he had already contracted the disease commonly known as ‘HOG Fever.’ His infatuation, some would say obsession for Harley-Davidsons has been life-long.  Ever since hanging a poster from the film ‘Easy Rider’ as a small boy on his bedroom wall he has dreamed of riding a Harley Davidson across America.  His first HOG was a Heritage Softail Classic (EVO Engine) and subsequently he went on to own a Dyna Wide Glide (EVO Engine) and a Softail Custom (Twin Cam).  Today he rides a CVO Electraglide Ultra Screaming Eagle 110, which he uses for touring and a rare custom ‘CVO Breakout’ used whenever the huge grin on his face needs resetting!

JD’s motto for life comes from his hero Sir Winston Churchill  “K.B.O” (Keep Buggering On).

JG’s passion for riding motorbikes started 46 years ago when he learnt to ride an old BSA around a farm field in Derbyshire, England. Followed by a miss-spent youth riding pre-unit Triumph’s that eventually developed into an early fascination for all things ‘American Iron.’  During his youth he was involved as part of the race crew for a big-block Chevy Engine dragster called ‘Panic’ owned by the Page family and raced all over Europe. Ultimately he was seduced by the iconic 45 degree V-Twin Harley-Davidson engine.  He has owned an early Dyna Wide Glide (EVO Engine) and currently rides a Dyna Wide Glide (Twin Cam) as well as his pride and joy a CVO Electraglide Ultra – Screaming Eagle 110 which he uses for touring.

JG’s motto for life is from the Latin “illigitamus carborundum.”


  1. Looks like an excellent adventure!

  2. Thanks VStar Lady - please stay tuned as we hope to make it a fun and interesting blog to read.

  3. Your route through Arizona looks like it will take you right past my house and that may not be the ideal way to go. Indeed you will see Arizona pretty much at it's most dull -- the ugly parts of the desert, freeways, hot, and big cities. go through Arizona and not see the Grand Canyon (if you have never seen it) would be a big mistake!

    I did a quick Google Map route for Arizona. Here's the link:

    Holler if you want more free advice on traveling through Arizona.

  4. Hi Doug - thanks for your comment. For sure we will not miss Grand Canyon. The map I put up was just a pictorial guide. We have a real detailed route planned out. Of the 20,000 miles we plan to do around 1200 of it is only on Interstates (at the moment). I grew up in the era of Cowboys so I am very excited about seeing places like Tombstone, Monument Valley etc. Thank you for the link to google maps, we are going to follow your recommendations. Much appreciated.

  5. Hi john d, I'm a friend of mr goldbys. Please take care of him and both have a safe journey. Will be following you both all the way. Enjoy x

    1. That's a promise. Best regards JD

    2. Thank you xx and look after those bikes too, they are amazing x good luck with your adventure x